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Breathtaking Libraries Around the World

Everyone has some kind of place that makes them feel transported to a magical realm.
There has always been something about libraries.Row after row, shelf after shelf, there is nothing more magical than a beautiful old library.

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6 Wicked Beach Sculptures Placed Just To Scare You

On some beaches around the world, artists have been chosen to display some of the creepiest structures known to man that are sure to traumatise the most hardened of tourists, especially at a time when the defenses are down.

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12 Flags Made From Food Typical of Each Country

An marketing company has created a campaign to advertise the Sydney International Food Festival : flags made out of food typical of each country . The flag of Italy is constructed of basil , pasta and tomatoes

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10 Craziest Materials Used in Portraits

Can you imagine the craziest materials that can be used to make a Portrait? Take a look and find out what are the 10 Craziest Materials used in Portraits!

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Everyday Objects Under the X-ray Machine

The images were captured by people who uses X-Rays to capture the inner photographs of everyday objects like a notebook, an iPhone, light bulb and more

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Unique Perfume Bottles Based on Disney Villains

All these original bottles are the work of a Japanese artist who goes by the name Ruby Spark . He has crafted perfume holders featuring villains from nineteen Disney movies spanning some 8 decades.

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