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12 Awesome BookShelves

We’re always looking for new and creative ways to store our DVDs, and these shelves sure qualify.

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10 Creative Sofa Designs

From the Teddy bear Sofa to the Cactus Sofa. 10 of the coolest you can actually buy

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12 Blood-Themed Decorating Gadgets

From the Evidence Chef’s Knife to the Dead Tired Pop Pillow Case . 12 Bloody gadgets for The Horror Lifestyle.

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Coolest Flooring Designs Ever

From the floor literally tiled with thousands of copper pennies to the first dance floor that captures the energy of dancing. Take a look at these coolest flooring design ever

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6 Impressive Bookcases For Book Lovers

Why not try these extraordinary bookcases , some of them look more like sculptures than storage .

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Another 8 Strange Sleeping Bags

From the King Tut Mummy Sleeping Bag to the Shark Attack Sleeping Bag. An unusual collection of Strange Sleeping Bags

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