Everyday Objects Under the X-ray Machine

The images were captured by people who uses X-Rays to capture the inner photographs of everyday objects like a notebook, an iPhone, light bulb and more

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8 Strange Ancient Jobs ( strange jobs)

This list looks at 8 Strange Ancient Jobs that are now mostly extinct so we can but look back and wonder what it must have been like to have been employed in these strange jobs.

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12 Blood-Themed Decorating Gadgets

From the Evidence Chef’s Knife to the Dead Tired Pop Pillow Case . 12 Bloody gadgets for The Horror Lifestyle.

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7 of the Weirdest CIA Undercover Operations

Did you know that CIA used cats in spy missions? Take a look at these 7 of the Weirdest CIA Undercover Operations

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How it Used to Look Like 100 Years Ago

A collection of photos comparing a place about 100 years ago to the same place today

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10 Most Extreme and Coolest Backpacks

From a Solar Panel Extreme Backpack, to a Nomad and Booze Backpack. These are the 10 Most Extreme and Coolest Backpacks you’ll find! See them and enjoy!
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